Thursday, June 7, 2012


Just needed to share the most wonderful surprise I got when I came home today... 

Caelan has taken his first steps!!

So proud!!  Gushing proud!

Damian got the surprise when he arrived at Kindercare today to pick up Caelan.  As usual the children were in the middle of circle time and Damian started getting Caelan's stuff together.  When circle time wrapped up one of the Directors told Damian that Kim had something to show him.  Damian walked around the corner to see Kim and Caelan walking towards him.  Kim was holding one of Caelan's hands and then just told Caelan to go -- and he walked to Damian!!  He probably took about four steps and lost his balance on the fifth and Damian caught him. 

We are so lucky to have Kim with Caelan at Kindercare, I can't even tell you how much.  She's amazing! She told Damian that she just wanted to run up and down the halls of the school telling everyone the great news.  She couldn't wait to show him off!  As Damian was leaving, lots of people were coming up to congratulate Caelan on his first steps!

Oh, this has just turned me into an emotional mess.  I'm so absolutely thrilled that this day is finally here.  I think we had him walk back and forth between us for the first 10 minutes I was home!!


  1. That is so exciting Tanya, we all remember those first steps. Good for Caelan. And oh yea, I shed a tear too:)


  2. FABULOUS!!!!!! Tears of joy all around! Way to go Caelan. XXOO

  3. WOW, this is great news...and yes, tears of joy are falling : )

    So happy for him

  4. I have not stopped thinking about it since you told me.....can't wait to see him in action

  5. I know Kim well and I totally agree, she is amazing. So is Caelan by all accounts. What a super moment to see him walk.
    All the best to your entire family.