Thursday, June 7, 2012

Naked Chef Part II

Round Two with Jamie Oliver's cookbook; 30 minute meals.

Last night was Damian's pick...

Our version...

All very yummy again, but this time definitely took us longer than the 30 minutes.

We're definitely not going to lose any weight cooking with Mr. Oliver.  A healthy glub of olive oil here, a cup of cream there...  Helps make it all so scrumptious!   We're also using a lot of ingredients that we don't usually use so we're a little apprehensive about how to prepare them and had a bit harder time with the instructions for this one.

One of the new ingredients we bought for this menu was the swiss chard.  I think we overcooked it - it was edible, but I think it could have been better.  There are leeks in the sauce for the chicken, which we very rarely buy, although both Damian and I really like them.  Then the ingredient that I never, ever thought I'd buy... and had the most difficult time finding in the grocery store...

As for the anchovies... well I tried to stay far away from them.  I had Damian prepare them and throw them in the potatoes without me taking too much note of them.  I was worried that my mental issues with anchovies would get in the way of me enjoying the meal if I had too much to do with the prep.  I know it's quite ridiculous but at least I recognize my silly hang ups!

Dessert was pretty yummy.  It consisted of a crushed shortbread cookie, dark chocolate, pitted dark cherries, vanilla ice cream and a bit of coffee or espresso poured over top.  It was supposed to be served in an espresso cup but being that we're not espresso drinkers we used tea cups and it worked fine.

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  1. You had coffee???? on your ice cream????