Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Whenever we go downtown on the weekend we take advantage of the free parking at the World Exchange Plaza.  This past weekend was no exception. 

We had only taken half a dozen steps into the fresh air when Darcy piped up: 

"Hey, we're downtown... Are we going to get Beavertails? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE"

She's right.  Really?  Who could pass up that kind of opportunity??

Not her Mom, that's for sure!

So after we walked the 5km Walmart Walk for Miracles (and enjoyed that free BBQ) we decided to take advantage of the fact that we were already downtown and walk ourselves over to the market to enjoy some delicious Beavertails.

We didn't even share!  Four Kilaloe Sunrise please and thank you.  Note: No pictures of those!

I thought for sure that I had "Beavertails" on my Summer Bucket list since they do go hand in hand with our summertime trips to the Byward Market, but apparently not!  What was I thinking??  I was so excited about getting to cross something off the list and so disappointed when I realized it wasn't there... I even considered adding it just so that I could check it off! 

Yes, that's something I would do.

Yes, I know that's wrong.

Don't judge me.

What's your favourite flavour of Beavertail?


  1. It's wrong to add things to your list so you can cross them off! Dang I won't get near as much done now or at least no one will know I did it. LOL

    1. I know!!
      It's like I need to add things to the list to cross off so I can justify why the original list items are still there staring at me!!

  2. Not sure what my favourite would be it has been awhile but if memory serves me well I think that I like the Kilaloe Sunrise too (that is the one with lemon, sugar and cinnamon?) may have to make a trip and get one just to be sure! Gramma

  3. I love a "good list" ~ I would never judge....add and cross off as much as you want ; )