Friday, June 29, 2012

Darn Computers

What a crazy week!

Those bugs that plagued us last Friday night were a real nuissance to get rid of and took up more time than they should have.  Unfortunately, we were still dealing with them on Thursday, Ryland's birthday.  At the same time our main computer decided it didn't want to start up anymore.  That would be the computer where I have all my pictures that I haven't backed up onto the fabulous external hard drive that my hubby bought for me at Christmas.  Actually, in my defence I should clarify that I haven't backed up my pics recently but I have backed them up since Christmas.  We're talking maybe a couple months... maybe...  Still unbelievably frustrating when you have blog posts in the works relying on some of those photos.  Not that I could access the blog because the computer wouldn't start!!  All this to say that at some point I will be posting a backdated happy birthday post for my lovely Ryland and a few posts celebrating the end of the school year too.

Stay tuned.

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