Thursday, January 24, 2013


Spoken by Darcy, to the best of my memory: 

Today, at school, in reading class, no maybe writing, well I don't know what class it was but we were talking about all these different countries that nobody had ever heard of and learning some things about them. 

Then we had to make up our own country, an island just discovered.  We had to name it and explain some things about it.

I named my country "Yrcadtopia"  where everyone loved me and people came from far away lands just to have a snip of my hair.  We didn't give tourists my real hair though we made fake stuff to give them.

Yrcadtopia was an island the same size as three Canadas.  I won for biggest country.


  1. Didn't the tourists notice it wasn't your REAL hair Darcy?