Monday, January 14, 2013


Today, Damian and I met Caelan's physiotherapist at the school to test out some new walkers for Caelan.

He's still using the same walker he originally started with and it's really too small for him.  In fact, it's so small that it's more of a hazard because he could very easily topple over the front of it if he were to lean forward too much.  We've been using it backwards to prevent this from happening.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much to test since only one of the walkers was appropriate for his size.

It's a Rifton Pacer.  Basically a newer model of the walker he's currently using.  We had hoped that it would also be slightly smaller, or more specifically more narrow, but that wasn't the case.  It's actually wider!  It makes sense that the taller the walker the more width you need to balance it out.  Still a disappointment though, especially because he could barely turn around in our hall in the old walker.  There's no way he'll be able to in this new version, although it looks like our only option.

The plan is that the school board will purchase the walker for him to use at school.  At this point we just don't see the value in purchasing him one for at home.  We are hopeful that the school board will allow us to bring it home for use in the summer months instead of leaving it there gathering dust.  At least then he'd be able to use it outside during the summer.

Even though the board is purchasing the walker it still is "Caelan's" to use for as long as he remains in this school board. If we were to move but remain in the same school board the walker would go with him. However, if we were to change school boards the walker wouldn't be able to go with him.

It comes in an assortment of colours and Caelan got to pick which one he'd like.  In case you were wondering, he picked the fire engine red, then immediately wanted to know where it was!

It's ordered. 

Should only take between 4 and 6 months to arrive... ugh! 


  1. OMG what do they have forge the metal and fabricate the walker
    I really hope that he will be able to take it home for the summer will make the trips to the park and getting about so much easier.

    1. Got confirmation from the school that we'll be able to take the walker home... if it's delivered before summer break!!

  2. Hi, We’re not sure why it would take 4-6 months to deliver your son’s Pacer since we’re able to deliver within 2 weeks of receiving an order. Maybe you should check with the school’s rehab provider to find out where the hang-up might be. Please let me know if we at Rifton can be of any assistance. Warm Regards, Erna for Rifton Equipment (

    1. Thanks Erna! I did speak with the physiotherapist that works with Caelan at school as she's the one who completes the paperwork to order the walker. Apparently the delay comes from the school board and there's no consistency in the timeframe for them to approve the order/financing. I will be putting pressure on them since this is required for his mobility around the school.

  3. Interesting that a rep. commented ... hope it will come sooner now. Also, glad it can be transferred within the school board - just in case you end up in this part of UCDSB!!!!

    1. Have to admit I was pretty impressed when I saw that comment from the Rifton Rep. You can bet I'll be putting more pressure on the School Board now!