Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rough week

I keep thinking I should post but have nothing that I really want to share...

It's been a long week of frustration...
  • Last Wednesday we had the joy of doing this yet again and frankly once in a lifetime was more than enough for me!  It now has me completely paranoid and cranky too!  I've been checking everyone every other day, if not every day since then. On a positive note our house is super clean now.
  • Thursday our school nurse's car wouldn't start in the freezing temperatures we were experiencing... I stayed home with Caelan only to discover that I couldn't get our car started either!  The car is only a few years old and we hadn't had any trouble with it before then.  Thankfully after plugging it in it started without hesitation.
  • Damian worked both Saturday and Sunday as part of a new work schedule whereby he'll be working about one weekend a month.  Not usually a big deal, in fact could work in our favour for weeks when Caelan has multiple doctors appointments.  However at this point, I'm not interested in being a single mom of almost four kids - ever!
  • Yesterday brought 10-15cm of snow and meant a very long drive home.  It also meant I had to cancel dinner plans with girlfriends that I was really looking forward to.
  • Today the buses were cancelled for the threat of freezing rain that has yet to appear in our area.  When the buses are cancelled either Damian or I need to stay home with the kids. 
  • Tomorrow is a scheduled PA Day and one of us will need to stay home again.  At the same time I'm wondering whether the freezing rain that was forecast for today will hit tonight and make tomorrow's drive to work treacherous...  Hopefully those mild temperatures they're talking about will make this talk of freezing rain a non issue.
Just wondering what else is yet to come...

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  1. What? OMG...I didn't realize you could get "this" during the winter.....

    I'd offer my services for Friday - I'm home and Kira is also on a PD day but I don't know how to help Caelan...maybe I should take lessons so I can help you out.