Sunday, April 15, 2012

Yummy Sunday

I have always been a lover of having leftover dessert for breakfast.  I can't understand why people have issues with it!  What's wrong with dessert for breakfast?? I don't take offense to my husbands desire for leftover pizza or pickled eggs first thing in the morning, it's all just food after all. 

All this to say when I came across a picture of carrot cake waffles yesterday on pinterest I quickly followed it back to the Willow Bird Baking blog to grab the recipe.  As luck would have it we had all the ingredients, and oh my gosh these were DE-LISH!

And if you think it looks good you should really go check out the pictures on Willow Bird Baking because I'm not a food photographer!!  I should also fess up that I didn't follow the recipe exactly... If I had I would've been eating them alone since Ryland would turn her nose up at the walnuts and Darcy would do the same about the raisins!!  Our walnuts were served on the side.  I also substituted some of the white flour for whole wheat and added A LOT more maple syrup to my cream cheese, aiming for more of a thick syrup consistency as opposed to a spread...

I have to give credit where credit is due because I had lots of help this morning too... Caelan and Daddy were my assistants.  Can't keep that boy out of the kitchen!  Caelan that is, and the best part about having Caelan as a helper is that he isn't constantly trying to sneak a taste!

Unfortunately, now I have to go do some dishes...  Too bad Caelan doesn't help with that, although I'm sure he would love too!


  1. These look amazing and I LOVE carrot cake...guess I'll have to go out and buy a waffle iron thingy...maybe I can find one at a yard sale...tis the season ;)


  2. I want some...I bet they are delicious! These might almost be as good as your homemade cinnamon buns!!

  3. When you say things like "I have always been a lover..." I think , wow genetics are really strong lol.My faves are cheesecake , cupcakes basically any kind of cake...
    Luv Lyanne