Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still there?

It's been about a week since I last posted and I just don't know where to start...  We had a fabulous Easter weekend and I have lots of pictures to share.  Unfortunately by the time I get to the computer in the evenings our internet connection seems to have slowed to a snails pace and I'm infuriated and fed up in no time!  Not to mention the night I couldn't get the computer itself to work or the night we had no power at all...

Work has been really busy since we hired new staff back on March 19th.  I've been in the training room with them all-day-every-day since then. My days are long and full of "performing".  Someone once described teaching or facilitating to me in that way a long time ago and I've come to realize it's very accurate.  Everyday I put on a show from 8am until 5pm, then I come home and need to prepare for the next days performance... It's quite draining, but I'm really not complaining.  I love what I do.  However, spending so much time thinking about work leaves very little time or energy to create blog posts.

If I don't get busy on some posts soon, you're going to end up getting a point form "here's what's up" post before too long!

Oh and fear not, we have been eating despite not posting our menus for March or April!!

Unfortunately all I can add to my reading 2012 list are the General Insurance Essentials books... so sad


  1. I missed you & yours but gets in the way...I'll try to be more patient while I wait for my Piche 5 fix : )
    Glad you still enjoy your job...I'm hoping the enjoyment and being busy, busy makes the 9hrs fly..
    miss you

  2. Hang in there busy lady. It is always so crazy isn't it? Life never seems to catch up! I have the the second family in Limoge to win the lottery! Life might be grand then! Miss ya busy lady. XXOO

  3. Miss you both! xo
    Guess I should buy a ticket if I want to win the lotto, huh?!?