Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Belated Easter Everyone!

I hope that everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend!

The Easter Bunny left behind some treats on Saturday night and everyone was anxious to search them out on Sunday morning.  Caelan caught on quickly and was excited to discover small dinosaurs and cars in his plastic eggs, while the girls were getting hyped over all the chocolate eggs they were finding.  In no time the search was complete and everyone was drooling over their found treasures.

Then as I sat there watching them a funny thing happened... The girls ended up checking out Caelan's cars and Caelan was playing with the chocolate eggs!  He was kind enough to unwrap a couple for Damian and I... go figure!?!?

Of course we all had to indulge in a treat (or two) before breakfast... it is the chocolate holiday after all!!

We were lucky enough to enjoy two fabulous Easter dinners.  On Saturday we headed out to my Dad's and on Sunday we went to Gramma Whyte's family dinner.  Two scrumptious dinners... and I oh so ate too much!!

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Caelan playing with his Auntie Vicky on the stairs... okay playing on the stairs sounds bad, but they had a blast coming down the stairs together on their bums!!

Hope you and yours enjoyed the long weekend! xo

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  1. These Easter pics are fab! Especially love the Auntie Vicky one! Man he looks like a big boy!