Wednesday, March 2, 2011

seeing red

I mentioned the other day that my youngest daughter was pushing buttons and testing limits... I'm not sure if it's a seven year old thing or if it's just our seven year old but either way we're going crazy.  Her behaviour is unacceptable.  We've tried taking away her most loved possessions, we've tried time outs, we've tried giving extra positive attention for good behaviour and ignoring the bad, and NOTHING is working!!  She's got attitude and is talking back regularly.  She's bold, rude and argumentative.  Argh!

Oh, and have I mentionned she's been sneaking MAKEUP to school?!?!!  SEVEN?!?!  Really!?!?

And just when you think you're at your wits end, she tells us at dinner that she got in trouble at school today.  She got a RED in her agenda -- not that she brough home her agenda so we could see the teacher's note, she conveniently forgot that!!  Along with some of her other homework.  Just yesterday she was bragging that she'd only ever brought home greens!! 

In case it isn't clear, green = good, red = bad.

Stay tuned, there may be a seven year old for sale really soon...


  1. I'll match that with a 9yr old boy

    The day before yesterday Ethan told me to "shut up"..yup, words I never expected to come out of his mouth. Like you guys we have tried many things. It will get better, take if from a mom that knows...xoxo

  2. From one who has been there it will get better, and worse too but you know when you think they haven't understood anything you have been telling them over the years it will surface in the oddest places that they have been listening and it will make you so proud! Love you and just think of the sun warming your body soon on the outside this will make the inside seem cooler:) Take good care of yourself and know that she does love you more than she knows how to express at the moment. xx

  3. Oh NO!!! I hear it only gets worse with age...until they are at least 18 and move out (although I guess nowadays they don't move out until they are 21 or so!!!) Love Caelan's checks!!! I just want to squeeze them!!!! He should give his buddy Logan a call as he loves to pretend he is talking on the phone as well :)) hope you are seeing more green these days than red. Heather

  4. OMG Tanya, I was reading this,,and I can relate to you..seem like i was reading the description of Marie-Eve (my 6 years old daughter) she has been testing my limit..she even ask me the other day "When are you going to do the laundry..I want to wear my blue shirt and it's been a while you didn't do the laundry" or when I ask the girls to clean the basement she said "YOU were supposed to clean it yesterday" she had been talking back to us..screaming ...ahhhhhhhhh gotta love being a mom ! LMAO

    France Belisle