Tuesday, March 22, 2011

rub a dub dub

You know it's a big tub when the girls are sharing a rare bath together.
As soon as Caelan saw this he was at the edge of the tub, on his knees, trying to pull up and get it!

Bathing Caelan on this vacation has been quite an challenge. 
At least he's spending lots of time in the pool! :)

The bath/shower combo in the main bathrrom has the sliding doors attached to the side of the tub.  If you slide them to one side you're blocked by the toilet and if you slide them to the other side, the bath has an incline that prevents Caelan from sitting where you can reach him!

This is the other bathtub. 
A huge jacuzzi corner bath in the master bedroom. 
Still very difficult to stay close to Caelan but he thought it was awful fun!
Especially when he could turn the taps on!  :)
Now that's a bath!!


  1. I agree with Caelan, looks like a fun bath to me! :-)

  2. It is a family affair:) Looks like a pool with just such a little person in it.