Thursday, March 10, 2011

excuses and ramblings

I wanted to apologize to those of you who check in here regularly.  I've been a bad blogger... and unfortunately I can't promise getting much better for a while.
I've had a terrible head cold lately that has sucked the life right out of me.
I've been completely overwhelmed with trying to pack for Florida.  It's unbelievable how much stuff Caelan needs for a two week vacation, on top of everything everyone needs.  I was so proud of myself for packing our clothes each in our own backpacks.  Thought I'd done so well... but that alone is five bags and then add four cases of prescription formula, a stroller, medical equipment, a bag bag of diapers, a bag of medical supplies, a bag for shoes, a bag for snacks, a bag for toiletries, a bag for overnights in the hotels, a bag for this, a bag for that, and whoa.... it's not going to all fit!!!  And I want to clarify that by a 'bag of shoes' I simply mean one pair of flip flops for each of us and everyone had to wear their runners.  We aren't planning anything that should require multiple shoe options... or at least that's what I keep telling myself!
I am excited to add that we will have a nurse join us on the first leg of our trip.  Which should mean that we won't start our vacation off exhausted.
Girls are SUPER excited... wonder how excited they'll be after a few hours in the car?  Which reminds me, about the bagS of entertainment for the drive; dvd players, movies, cds, nintendos, books, barbies...
Oh yah, and my boss called to confirm that I am in fact returning to work on May 16th.  Thanks.  Rub it in.
I've got all this stuff whirling around in my head and am waking up constantly overnight unable to sleep. 
Plus, did I mention the head cold.  I can't breath through my nose.  I hate that.
It will all be better in the Florida sunshine, right?


  1. Tanya , it was exhausting just reading this . It will be better in the Florida sunshine!!
    Love, Mom xox

  2. Hi Tanya
    I just picked up a Nasal Flo Neti Pot for Bernie. It's about $20. at Shopper,it comes with 50 packs of saline. I think it could help you. Feel better
    and I hope you get lots of sunshine.
    Love, Aunt Ginger

  3. I agree with mom...I got wired just reading your post! Don't think about anything but having fun with the kiddies and how good the sun & sand feels...xoxo

    I highly recommend the nasal rinse..I have the NeilMed bottle that you squeeze it comes in a pack with the saline doctor recommended it when we first moved to NL and I got my annual sinus infection..I told him how I usually get 3-4 sinus infections over the course of Winter. Since using the nasal rinse once a night before bed (during Fall/Winter) I've had 2 sinus infection in 3 years on the rock!

    Enjoy Flordia..wish we could meet up there...oh yeah Terri..(1) You need a passport and (2) you have to fly since Chris refuses to drive..oh crap...I need meds just thinking about it! travels