Monday, March 28, 2011

home sweet home

Our drive home brought us a good 30 degree drop in temperature and that's quite an adjustment to make.  I miss the heat.  I really, really miss it.  It feels so cold here and I want some warmer spring weather.  At least there's sunshine.

I must admit, I'm very happy to be home.  Sleep is probably the number one reason for that.

We didn't have a nurse for the majority of this trip, which meant that Damian and I shared our nights.  After two weeks that can get exhausting.  I don't know how families with trached children cope without a night nurse.  Sleeping an 8 hour night on Saturday felt wonderful, and being able to do it again last night was luxurious!!! 

Our drive home went so much smoother than our drive down and took the usual two days instead of three.  Thank goodness.  What did make it harder for me was staying up with Caelan all night and only getting to sleep in the van.  Put me in a moving vehicle with the sun shining down on me and I'm normally asleep in minutes.  This time I had a harder time and could only doze for a few minutes at a time.  Made for a long two days!

The kids were all excited to get home too.  Darcy started recognizing her surroundings about 20 minutes from home and got more and more excited the closer we got.  "We're almost there, we're almost home!" she was singing.  We didn't have the van empty and she was already snuggled up with all her stuffies in her room playing and getting reacquainted!

Caelan recognized home too as we drove up and was all smiles.  He started spinning circles in excitement once inside.

Ry was pretty quiet.  I don't doubt that she was happy to be home.  She's just that bit older and realizes that being home also means returning to school today.  She's anxious to see her friends, show off her new clothes and tell them about her travels... not so much about school and homework :(


  1. Welcome were all missed!

  2. Happy to have you home, can't wait for a visit and a chance to see more pictures! Hugs and Kisses.