Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More spots!

Mr. Ronan has not escaped his brothers spots.

Really doesn't surprise me since they play on the same floors, with a lot of the same toys and both put their hands (and in Ronan's case everything) in their mouths!!

Poor little guy isn't handling it quite as well as his big brother.  He's absolutely miserable and his spots have spread quickly all over his hands, feet and around his mouth, chin and neck.

We went to see his Doctor today and now have two boys on antibiotics and getting 'creamers' three times a day for their spots.

Our doctor suggested that even though it's true Caelan's spots shouldn't be contagious after 48 hours on the antibiotic that it would probably be safer to just keep him home the week. You really don't want to have it going through the classroom and I couldn't agree more. So today after Ronan's appointment we picked up a couple new dinosaur movies to help keep us busy over the next few days, especially since Ronan is so unhappy.  Hopefully a couple days on antibiotics will help with his humour...

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