Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Caelan!

Five years old...
Where has the time gone?

Today was a bit of an emotional day. Not only was Caelan turning five, he also had his very first big boy birthday party.  Four little boys from his class came to help him celebrate this birthday.  Caelan was so excited, I can't even begin to tell you!  He didn't stop moving for a minute and made it very difficult to capture pictures of him on his special day!

I basically pinned him down for this picture.  He was too cool to smile though...

Then there was his cake... Somehow this little handsome dude managed to convince me I could make him a dinosaur cake!?!  I scoured the internet looking for some kind of template or design and came across quite a few different dinosaur cakes.  In the end, this is how Caelan's turned out.  

It was far from perfect, but I was proud at my first attempt at a dinosaur cake!  More importantly Caelan was happy and that's all that counts.  He even insisted on having a piece of it, which he broke all up and stirred all over his plate before deciding he was done.  I think he may have had a tiny taste of the icing but that was it.

This year Caelan's wish list has been everything Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Disney's Cars, Disney's Planes, new books and of course dinosaurs.

I get quite overwhelmed when I start to think of all Caelan has accomplished in the past year.  Walking is HUGE.  Learning his letters. Spelling his name. Printing his name. Counting.  A Senior in kindergarten. Making friends. Going to his first school friend birthday party.

Just becoming his own little person with an amazing personality.

Thank you Caelan for making me smile everyday.  We love you very much. xo

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