Friday, September 13, 2013

summer conversations with Caelan

Me: Caelan could you please help me put these away in this bag?
Caelan: Yes
Me: Caelan I asked for you to help put them in the bag, not on the bag!
Caelan: Okay Mom...
(repeat all of above)
Me: Caelan are you trying to make me cross?
Caelan: That's my job Mom!

two days later...

Me: Come here pumpkin
Caelan: Mom, why you call me pumpkin?
Me: I don't know

(repeat above at least once)
 Caelan: Mom, why you call me and my Ronan pumpkin?
Me: Because you're orange and round!
Caelan: Mom I'm not round I'm oval! My face is oval mom, not round.

Apparently no concern about being called orange though...

(August 12th and 14th)

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