Sunday, September 1, 2013

2013 birthday party for 5 + 1

Love these hooligans!
Ella, Caelan, Ryland, Ronan, Darcy and Lucas
Years ago my girlfriend and I decided that we'd pick a random day that wasn't close to any of our children's actual birthday to have a birthday party for all of them!  We live beyond opposite ends of the city and the kids all have parties with their school friends and celebrations with family; to try and get together on top of all that was starting to become a scheduling nightmare!
Ronan crashed this year's party since he'll still have everyone at his first birthday bash, but after that he'll be one of the gang.


  1. What a cute bunch, all smiles expect for Ronan who looks a little shell shocked I am sure they are all active. Next year he will be as rowdy as the rest I am sure:)


  2. Always an awesome Bday party for kids and parents alike!
    Gosh that's a good lookin' bunch a hooligans!
    Love You All!!!!!