Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to school 2013

A quick pic of the girls as they head off on their first day of school.
Darcy is still at the same school and in grade 5.
Ry is starting grade seven at the high school.  Apparently the grade 7/8's are kept apart from the high school students but it's still a big step for her (and Mom!). 
They both had a great first day.  Hooray!
 It was difficult to get Caelan to stand still for a back to school picture.  He was all over the place this morning!  He did amazing on his first day back as a senior in kindergarten.  Walked back in like he owned the place, hung up his sweater on his hook (same one as last year), took off his hat and started to change his shoes.  We were so worried that there wouldn't be enough consistency from last year but it all worked out in the end.  One of his teachers in the same, the other is on mat leave.  We ended up getting back one of Caelan's EA's from last year (HUGE HOORAY!) and a new nurse was assigned.  I attended the first two days of school to train the nurse and make sure she was comfortable with Caelan and his routine.

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  1. Your girls looked pretty - and much too grown up. Caelan also is quite the big boy!