Wednesday, April 24, 2013

True to their word...

... It really was only a one night stay, even with Caelan's "episode".

In fact, Caelan was moved out of the ICU at midnight last night and back up to the floor.  Our ENT Doctor came by before eight this morning to sign off on all the discharge papers and write Caelan's prescriptions.  As far as our experience at being released from CHEO this one went rather smoothly.

We were sent home with a prescription for enough morphine and celebrex to last 10 days.  So although Caelan is out of the hospital we're only just beginning the recovery process.  He's still getting morphine every four hours and is allowed tylenol every four as well.  We don't want him to be in pain, but it's a bit of a guessing game and a juggle too. I have to admit the idea of having him on morphine, regardless of the dose, for 10 days and then stopping cold turkey ... Well given Caelan's history it just doesn't sound like something Caelan would tolerate.  Hopefully, as the days go on we'll be able to space out his need for morphine and manage more of his discomfort with tylenol.

We've been told that recovery should go pretty well since he doesn't use his throat for eating.  However we were also advised to expect that days 5-7 post op will be the worst. Caelan will be uncomfortable and in more pain, his ears will hurt too and he'll cough up bright red blood.  This is all normal and expected and we shouldn't be alarmed.

It's not expected that he'll be back at school until after May 6th. 

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  1. day 7 - not much longer now........