Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jumped the gun...

So apparently I spoke too soon!

No sooner had I posted my Caelan update here and on Facebook that my son decided to have a freak out of sorts...

He's still quite sedated so we've been helping him clear his secretions by suctioning him.  We had just got quite a lot out and he started to cough more. Once we finished with that episode he lifted his IV arm towards me with a question in his eyes like "when is this thing coming off?"  I told him that it couldn't come off yet and that we had to wait a while longer... This upset him.  Really upset him and he held his breath.  In Caelan style.  So we're talking let's hold our breath until we change colours to all kinds of blue and pass out cold.

The nurse and I were frantically trying to manage the circumstances and had Daddy hollering for help out in the hall.  Once I'm convinced that Caelan is breathing again and colour is back on his cheeks I look up to see our entire ENT team; Dr. V, Dr. B and Dr. M, along with their residents and nurses...  Damian told me there were about 18 people in the room.  That's a tight fit for a semi private hospital room!

So that little stunt got us a nights stay in the ICU.  For observation. They just want to make sure this was a "I'm a stubborn little boy who can hold his breath like nobody's business" and not an "I got so upset crying that I couldn't breath" episode.

Dr. V actually just came by for an update and he's still thinking this will be a one nights stay... Hope he's right!

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