Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Start of Soccer Season

Ryland decided that she'd like to play soccer this summer.  She'll be playing every Monday and Wednesday evening until the end of July.  I'm curious to see how she likes it. 

She seems to be most interested in sports that neither Damian or I have ever participated in.  Last summer it was horseback riding which she'd like to do again this summer for camp, then over the winter she started curling, she's asked about fencing often and now soccer. 

Damian, who's played sports his entire life has never played a game of soccer.  Actually, he's never even sat through an entire game.  Now, however, because of his beautiful first born, he'll not only be watching soccer regularly, he's also decided that he'll help out in the role of assistant coach.  He's already told Ry that she can just call him Grand Mugwump while they're there.  Should be interesting...

Luckily, there was a break in the pouring rain last night... just long enough for them to have their first practice and game.  Score 0-0.  I'm told it was really pre-season, so it doesn't count in the standings.


  1. Looking very cute Miss Ryland, hope that you enjoy soccer I have watched a few of the games in the park near our place and it looks like fun you will have to tell me the rules so I will understand it better. Have fun!!!!! Love Gramma xxx