Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Speech Language

Caelan completed a speech language assessment at OCTC today and we're so happy with the results.  We have yet to receive the official report but Damian was there today for the final portion of testing.  It seems that Caelan is pretty much right on track with his development, hitting somewhere in the 3 year old range.  In fact, in some areas of his comprehension he's actually closer to the 4 year old level!!  Such a proud parent day!  Makes my heart swell.

What we need to work on are some more of the positional signs. This is something that as I type it, I'm thinking that maybe we've been told this before?!  Anyway, we're talking about signs for "beside", "behind", "in front", "on top"...  We also have to work on the concepts of "most or least" and "longest and shortest".

On the topic of homework we've started our list of signs Caelan knows and uses and we're well over 100... I think those teachers are going to have a lot to learn over the summer!

Oh, and more good news.  There doesn't seem to be any issue with Caelan continuing on with OCTC for his speech language therapy.  Near the end of June when preschool is finishing up, his therapist will forward his file over to the general OCTC Speech Therapist who will continue to follow him until he's 5 years old and the school board picks him up.  This was a huge relief because after our meeting I had the impression that this might end up being a bit of a battle.  It will work like it did before he started preschool in that he'll be seen weekly for ten visits and then have 10 weeks off and it will repeat like that for the year.


  1. He is following in his sister's footsteps with his language skills:) I can hear the conversations around your table only getting wackier as Caelan starts to participate more:) Fun stuff, enjoy these years they will provide you and Damian with many smiles in the years to come. Love Gramma xx

  2. This is great guys. So glad it is all falling into place. xo