Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beautiful day

After a week of fog, rain and grey skies the sun is shining today and calling everyone to come outside and play.  By ten o'clock we were on our way to the park.   I asked Caelan if he wanted to walk and he replied with an enthusiastic "yeah!"

He walked all the way there!!    I thought for sure that I'd end up pushing the walker for a bit while carrying him, but no, he was determined!  We took a couple of pauses but he did fantastic.  He was so proud of himself motoring along and listened really well whenever cars passed by.  He even managed a wave for some of them!  He was all smiles when we got to the park.

So proud of my little man!

... and he even made it all the way home!!


  1. This news makes the day even more sun shinny:) How aweome Caelan.

  2. Gramma says I thought the day was perfect before I read this but it just got a whole lot better! It does make you feel so proud to see him going off to the park under his own steam.
    What wonderful pictures thanks for sharing them with us!!
    (OK I got carried away but I am so happy!)

  3. Good job !! :)

  4. What a happy post to read. =)

  5. Holy Camoly!!!! I thought it was still his walker that had the little seat thingy!!!!!! Way to go Mr. C!!!!!!