Wednesday, December 15, 2010


My silly boy!  Yesterday, he flipped this small end table over and had some of his toys in it.  He thought it was hillarious and would show me over and over again. Today, he managed to get himself in it and that was funny too until he tried to get out.  His attempts at scootching his way off the table were unsuccessful since his bottom was stuck and he either didn't know or wasn't strong enough to lift it up over the ledge.  He was getting frustrated but still smiling as he scootched the table across the living room towards me!  Gosh, this boy makes me laugh! 

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  1. Thanks so much. A lifelong passion. I'm delighted to be photographing the Lukkes family this week - Caden has CHARGE 1yr this Friday for their 2nd shoot. Love your holiday cheer on your redesign. And boy he's looking fantastic here!!!