Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It's been a very busy few days full of fun times with family, lots of great food and of course presents!!  We were all very lucky again this year to be completely spoiled.
It all started on Christmas Eve at Damian's parent’s house, followed up with Santa's arrival at home on Christmas morning.  We hosted Christmas dinner for my Mom and Bill and Damian's parents.  On Boxing Day it was off to my Dad and Lois' for day three of Christmas!  I'll try and get some of the pics from the last few days up soon.  We've just been so busy playing trains and trucks, opening Barbies and Pet Shops from all their excessive packaging, and of course eating all that Christmas baking!!
Yesterday, Damian had to return to work, but the kids and I enjoyed an extremely lazy pajama play day. I did start trying to find the floor through the toys and am wondering where all this stuff is going to go!?
Throughout all of this we had no nursing on Christmas Eve and as much as the adrenaline keeps you going all day, by eight o'clock when things started to quiet down we were both watching the clock, completely exhausted.  Surprisingly, we had nursing on Christmas Day night, which was fabulous.  Unfortunately, she really wasn't feeling 100% and ended up calling in sick on Boxing Day so we had another no-nurse night.  I know that she really wasn't feeling well last night but she toughed it out knowing how much two nights in a row without nursing over the holidays would really suck!

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