Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Concert

I was able to get all the wrapping done this morning and make it to the girls' Christmas Concert at school this afternoon.  The girls were fabulous and it was nice to see lots of familiar faces on stage.  Unfortunately, none of the pictures I took turned out at all... Here's the proof :(

Darcy's French class performed a folk dance 'La queue du loup'.  Darcy's the one in the center, smiling, wearing the striped top and jeans.  Here she is later in the dance, with a boy... apparently his name is Caleb.  To me it looked like she was going to whip him off the stage... she said HE was pulling her!  Another out of focus action shot.

For her English class they sang a Candy Cane song to the tune of Lollipop which was very cute.

Ryland's class, along with a Grade 6 class, sang the finale songs; Glory Alléluia and Joyeux Noël.  It was a huge group on stage and impossible for me to get them all.

Ry's back row, green tee with white sweater
Very proud of both my girls. 

Should also mention that Caelan had a blast playing with his nurse all day today and had no issues with Mommy being in the house but not with him.  When I left to go to the Christmas Concert he blew me a kiss and I got a simple wave goodbye.  No objection at all, which is a good thing, really.  He was pretty happy when I got home though and came scooting over to the door in fast speed to give me a big hug.  Knowing you were missed is kind of a nice feeling.


  1. Happy to hear the girls had a great concert and it is wonderful to hear that your little one little you get some stuff done today =)

  2. Really glad that the concert went well! It is nice to hear that Caelan is getting more independent as you know from when it happened with the other two it is a hard thing to leave them but nice to know that they are confident enough that they know you will return! Oh the mixed emotions.