Sunday, November 10, 2013


We were doing errands yesterday as a whole family.

I know.  Either crazy or very brave.

We came out from one store to find it snowing.

Caelan was so excited.  He talked all the way home about how he wanted to make a snowman.  We kept telling him that we'd have to wait and see if it snowed enough to make one.  He was relentless as he can be when he gets fixated on a specific idea.  Unfortunately we didn't get enough (read: any)snow accumulation to make a snowman that day but we told him that maybe if it snowed all night we might be able to in the morning.

Well, it started raining in the wee hours of morning and didn't stop.  When we woke up there wasn't any snow to be seen but plenty of tears from my little man who was so distraught over his snowman.

I told him that we could make one inside.  That we'd make a craft and build a special snowman.

I asked him to go down the hall to Mom and Dad's bathroom and to look under the sink for the cotton balls.  He headed right off.  Then promptly returned.

"Caelan do you know what cotton balls look like?"

"Umm. No." (with his finger on his lip as he contemplates this)

"They're fluffy white balls and there in a bag with blue and red on it"

"and green?"

"No, no green.  Just blue and red, maybe some white."

"and green Mom?"

"No Caelan.  No green. Blue, red and white.  It's in the cupboard under the sink."

"Ok Mom" 

Five steps down the hall from the kitchen and still many, many steps from our bathroom, Caelan calls out:

"I no find it Mom.  I no find it."

We went and found it together and made this

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