Friday, November 8, 2013

half birthday

Darcy and I were doing the grocery shopping recently when she drooled over some frosted cinnamon buns in the bakery section. 

Please Mom... With full on puppy dog eyes.

Being the mean mom that I am, I told her I wouldn't pay for those but that maybe we could make some soon.  Wouldn't she rather have the homemade ones, anyway?

I didn't get a very convinced look in return but she suggested that perhaps I could make them for her half birthday.

Half birthday?  Sure Darcy.  Sounds like a plan... Wait, when is your half birthday?

Well, let's count it out.  May. June, July, August, Sept, October, November. 

November 16th.

So you'll make me cinnamon rolls for my half birthday?

Yes Darcy, I will...  Don't expect any presents though!


  1. I love all your kids...but, man oh man Darcy CRACKS me up! She is priceless!!