Monday, August 26, 2013

Mont Cascades

A great friend invited the girls and I to a fun filled day at Mont Cascades.
Today was a perfect day! Overcast and no line ups anywhere!!
The girls overcame any fears they might have had and went down all the slides.
Every. Single. One.
Behind them is their favourite ride, Tornado Alley
Magic Carpet ride
That's Darcy falling out of the Vortex
(we thought it should be named the Toilet Bowl)
These are the only two slides I wouldn't go on...
I don't see the need to volunteer for extreme wedgies!!


  1. Looks like tonnes of fun!

  2. Looks like tonnes of fun!

  3. This was a fun day and we should make it an annual end of summer event. I am so glad you and the girls could join myself and Ethan..and yeah, extreme wedgies, water up the nose and bathing suite top flipper-up...those 2 slides one word - CRAZY!