Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Last week Caelan had a dentist appointment.

There was a time when Caelan had to go under general anaesthetic to have his teeth cleaned in the operating room.  However, his last couple appointments have been in the usual dental clinic at CHEO.  This isn't to say that Caelan now opens his mouth wide and willingly has his teeth cleaned.  Not even close.  There are normally 3-4 people involved in holding him down, cleaning teeth and suctioning.  The good news is he doesn't get so mad that he holds his breath and passes out anymore.  He still cries during the cleaning but recovers quickly once the work is done.

We're working more on getting him to accept the toothbrush in his mouth and have even enlisted the help of his EA's at school who have been adding this to their daily routine with him.  We're hoping that a little peer pressure at school will work wonders!

I made a big deal about how nice his clean teeth looked when he got home that day. I even asked him if I could take a picture of his teeth. At first he agreed but it wasn't that easy of a picture to get! I did get one in the end though - look at those pearly whites!

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