Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring has sprung!

This weekend was absolutely beautiful. 
I hope everyone had an opportunity to get out and enjoy some of the warm spring weather.

The girls enjoyed riding their bikes.

Darcy was far from 100% and certainly not in a picture mood. 
In fact she even gave up her bike for a while...

Caelan just had to wear a bike helmet despite riding in the stroller... The one we had was a bit small for him and sat all crooked on his melon.

He was super happy to show me that he had taken his mitts off - Little Rascal!  Who could blame him though, it sure was nice enough.  When we got home our outdoor thermometer read 17 degrees!!

I'm hoping for more sunshine soon.  Unfortunately, it has turned all dreary and rainy but I'm okay with that while I'm at work!  Too bad for all the kids on March Break this week though!


  1. Looks like fun...we are having fab weather..bright and sunny but cold, very, very cold..and I'll take it because cold means bright blue skies : )))