Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First time camping as the Piché 6

Required some new accommodations... We bought a second hand 1987 Coleman Laramie tent trailer.

Ronan thought this outdoor living might be fun...
We wanted to go somewhere close for our first adventure and we didn't have a lot of time to book something for a variety of reasons.  Unfortunately that didn't leave much to choose from, which the kids were quick to pick up on.  I don't think we were there 15 minutes when we heard the first "I'm bored!"
We also recently acquired this eating tent.  After one of those crazy windstorms we had this summer, Damian drove by this tent for days hooked up on a farm field's fence all inside out and upside down.  It was probably after a week when he determined nobody was going to claim it and he'd bring it home.  It took a bit of time to right it, but we were happy to find only one small snag in the netting!
Although Ronan has mastered rolling from his back to his tummy, he still acts surprised when he succeeds at rolling from his tummy to his back... Enough to make everyone laugh at his expression anyway.
 More pics to come!


  1. What a find..way to go Damian! Looks like so much fun. I miss our trailer...especially fires and smores..yummy... Would you be brave enough to do a "girls camping trip" much fun would that be!

    1. I could do that once I learn how to set it up and put it back down!! LOL! I'm in charge of the boys at those times!!

  2. Oh these pictures are so good! Love your new trailer it looks great!!!!! The kids are getting bigger stop feeding them so well, ok maybe not but we do miss them and you guys too. Can't wait until we can camp with you guys. Love you all. Gramma & Grampa xxx