Thursday, May 2, 2013

on the mend

Caelan is definitely feeling better.

Yesterday the girls brought home a present from one of his EAs at school.

He was so excited to get this shirt.  On it in a crossword style are the words "Mommy loves me Daddy adores me"

We put the shirt on right away and took the above picture to say thank you!  It was hard to get the picture because Caelan was insistent that "Mom, I do that!" pointing to the letters on his shirt. 

He's just started vocalizing again, although it's even more difficult to understand what he's saying because it sounds like he's talking with a mouth full of water!


Immediately after taking the picture we got right to work writing out about 20 different words before he tired.  So proud of him!


  1. Good to see Caelan happy and excited .
    Keep up the good work Caelan
    Love, Nana xoxoo

  2. This is great..he looks great, what a trooper he is!